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Helm - DAY 1

Q1 - What is helm?

Answer - Helm is a packaging tool, that automates the creation, packaging, configuration, and deployment of Kubernetes applications by combining configuration files into a single reusable package.

Q2 - Top 5 reason for using helm?

Answer - Below are the 5 reasons for using HELM -
1- Simplifies Deployments
2- Reusable package
3- Enhances deployment speed
4- Reduces the complexity of deploying Microservices
5- Managing a Kubernetes Cluster

Q3 - How helm works? Inlcude some pic

Answer -
Image description

Q4 - Helm Architecture? Inlcude some pic

Answer -
Image description

Q5 - What is chart and what it contains?

Answer - A Helm chart is a package that contains all the necessary resources to deploy an application to a Kubernetes cluster. This contains YAML configuration files for deployments, services, secrets, and config maps that define the desired state of your application.

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