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1.What is Datadog Agent?
Datadog is an observability tool.It collects events and metrics from hosts and sends them to Datadog, where you can analyze your monitoring and performance data Saas based platform

2.What are list of methods to send data to Datadog?
Datadog agent consists of three components it will send the data with the collector, DogStatsD and the forwarder

3.Top 10 commands of Datadog Agent

systemctl start datadog-agent
systemctl stop datadog-agent
systemctl restart datadog-agent
systemctl status datadog-agent
datadog-agent configcheck
datadog-agent config
datadog-agent health
datadog-agent hostname
datadog-agent version

4.Top 10 Techniques for troubleshooting Datadog Agent

  1. Check Datadog Agent Process is running or not
  2. Check Datadog Agent Logs for Error
  3. Check Datadog Agent Configuration file(datadog.yaml) syntax Error
  4. Check Datadog Integration Configuration file(datadog.yaml) syntax Error
  5. Check Datadog Agent API Key in datadog.yaml
  6. Check ENV variable set for Datadog Agent conflict with datadog.yaml
  7. Print the runtime configuration of a running agent
  8. Print all configurations loaded & resolved of a running agent
  9. Execute some connectivity diagnosis on your system
  10. Print the current agent health

5.Top 10 Metrices of Linux Servers which you should care it?

  1. CPU usage
  2. System load Single processor: Multi-processor:
  3. Memory utilization and processes
  4. Disk utilization
  5. Inode usage
  6. Cron jobs

6.Write down the steps to enable any integration in datadog?
1.goto dashaboard then integration and add the tool and install
2.then goto datadog agent and install the tool manually
3.goto the datadog.yml file and edit the configuration file and save it and restart the service

7.Top 10 Metrices of Windows Servers which you should care it?
CPU utilization
Memory utilization
Memory breakup
Processor queue length

Disk usage with capacity plan
Recent events
Top process by CPU and memory
Application details
Down/trouble history
Services and processes
Event logs

8.Top 5 Metrices of Apache which you should not miss it?

  1. Requests per second
  2. Bytes per second
  3. Bytes per request
  4. Uptime
  5. CPU Usage
  6. Load

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