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Kubernetes Day-3 Summary

Today I learnt the following topics

  • Daemon Set
  • Job & CronJob
  • ConfigMap
  • Services
  • Ingress

Daemon Set
To ensure specific pod runs on all or subset of nodes within a cluster.
kubectl get ds

Job & CronJob
Job is onetime activity.
kubectl get jobs

Stored in cluster, commands same.

We call it as Service and not Load Balancer
Service = Network Load Balancer
Ingress = Application Load Balancer

kubectl create svc -

*Ingress *
Ingress is a way for enabling traffic. Also helps in routing.
Ingress means a rule. It is an API object.
Ingress controller is exposed with the load balancer.

  1. Path Based
  2. Name Based
  3. TLS Based

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