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Day 1 - Recap (QnA)

  1. Why do we need terraform?
    --> To manage multiple infrastructure tools in a sense to integrate and have control on those tools in a common way.

  2. What is Providers?
    --> Could be any of the infrastructure's API that are supported by terraform such as on-premise and cloud tools/platform e.g AWS, Azure, VMware, Red Hat, GitHub etc

  3. What is Resources?
    --> Defined parameter from providers's API to be used as a code in terraform

  4. List out Top 8 Commands which we have learnt so far?
    What are the block we have used in .tf file? Explain in Short
    --> command learnt, terraform [providers, init, validate, plan, apply, destroy, show, output]

--> block are provider, resource, connection, output, provisioner

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