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Assessment 1

What is Helm?
Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes. And used to deploye applications and services into k8's cluster. Also help to deploye application in multiple environment with minimal changes.

Write write 5 reason why we need helm?
1) Reduce complexity of deployments
2) Using Helm don't need to construct individual YAML files for
application. Instead with Helm chart, we get all necessary
things for the deployment, including resource configurations
3) Better scalability
4) Re-use Helm charts across multiple environments
5) Easier rolling back to previous versions of an app

How Helm works?
Helm provides a Helm Client in our environment to interact with Kubernetes cluster. Also provide CLI for interactions

What are the components of helm eco systems?
Helm Client and Helm Library

What are parallel tools of helm for another platform and programming Language?
The Helm client and library is written in the Go programming language.
Using Helm to Deploy a Kubernetes Application to Multiple Environments.

Explained a Directory structure of helm?
components, such as pods, services, replicasets, deployments etc...

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