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How to solve ajax refresh issues when i click on back button

To resolve Ajax refresh issues when clicking the back button, you can implement the following solutions:

Cache control: You can set the cache control header on the server-side response to prevent caching of the Ajax response.

Using history.pushState: This method allows you to change the URL of the current page without reloading it. You can use it to update the URL when an Ajax call is made.

window.onbeforeunload event: You can use this event to detect if the user is navigating away from the page and take appropriate action to preserve the state of the page.

HTML5 Session Storage: You can store the state of the page in the session storage and retrieve it when the page is reloaded.

It's important to note that the solution that works best for your case will depend on the specifics of your application, but the above mentioned techniques are a good starting point.

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