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Explain the selenium framework

Selenium framework is a code structure that is used to make code maintenance simpler and readability better.

Selenium framework is a code structure that is used to make code maintenance simpler and readability better.

It helps in dividing the entire code into smaller parts of the code in a systematic way, which tests a particular functionality.

Without framework at starting, we had written complete code and data in the same place that was neither reusable nor readable.

But using the selenium framework, we can create the structure of code in better ways.

We can keep “test data” separate from the actual test cases which helps to analyze and update data easily.

It increases code readability, helps to get the desired results in a systematic way, and reduces script maintenance costs.

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Why do we need Selenium Framework


  1. Without a framework, a single test case may have a million lines of code and it will test the entire functionality of the application.

Now, suppose you need to modify any particular functionality later time so is it possible to read the entire code again for a particular functionality?

Hope that your answer will be No because reading such a huge test case will be tough and boring and you also need lots of time to analyze the entire code.

But when we use selenium framework structure, it breaks the entire code into small parts. These smaller parts can be easily readable if we need to modifying and can perform a particular function.

  1. Using selenium framework structure, we can easily find and fix bugs or defects in a million lines of code in a short time.

  2. Selenium framework is easy to use and also provides flexibility in our code.

  3. It makes our code simple, understandable, and readable.

For these reasons, we need to use selenium framework.

Advantage of Selenium Framework Design

There are several advantages to using a selenium automation framework. They are as follows:

  1. Increases code reusability.
  2. Easier to use.
  3. Improved code understandability and readability.
  4. The automation framework provides flexibility to code.
  5. Reduces script maintenance .

Disadvantage of Selenium Framework

Using an automation framework can have several disadvantages. They are as follows:

  1. It consumes more time to develop.
  2. Slower to execute.
  3. More complex to create and debu g.

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