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Laravel , flutter and linux ,git,javascript notes

how to setup mail in holidaylandmark

step 1:change in env
step 2:change in modal (mail from)
step 3:send username and pswrd,port,mail from et in database via admin panel

=====mail failure======

how to publish trip with or without sending email
to bypass not effect entire code
use try and catch
use if and else

method 1: In laravel controller where u write mail logic place inside try and catch

Mail::to($OperatorMailadmin['email'])->send(new Tripcreated($OperatorMailadmin));
    log::info('after mail if hai naa');
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method 2:In laravel controller where u write mail logic place inside function where u return and apply if else condition

                    try {
                        \Notification::locale(\App::getLocale())->send($users, new MailNotification($mail));
                    } catch (\Throwable $th) {
                        log::info('inside second catch');  
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flutter and laravel performance and security
how to create library or funtion
regular check encryption and decryption

root have all kind of access like grant and revoke so dont delete root in linux while setup laravel project on linux
*find command in laravel will work with id


If http.ssl.conf inside lampp/extra not comment default SSL then error if u open wizbrand/phpmyadmin then valid not certificate.

If u have already grant all database and now u want to privilege some database then revoke first then grant some using astrik command (ask question)

(Doubt) also phpmyadmin and u created password but not work 1045 error come inside phpmyadmin folder vi

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