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Devops Assignment

  1. What is DevOps in simple terms?

Devops is a combination of two development (Dev) and Operations (OPs) that unite people, processes and technology for swift application planning development delivery and operations.

  1. What exactly do DevOps do?
    The work of a DevOps will vary from one organization to another, but invariably entails some combination of release engineering, infrastructure provisioning and management system administration, security and DevOps advocacy.

  2. What are the list of DevOps Tools?

Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Git, Nagios, Splunk, Vagrant, ect.

  1. How DevOps and SRE are different?
    DevOps and SRE reliability engineering are two approaches that enhance the product release cycle through enhanced collaboration, automation and monitoring.

  2. What is DevSecOps?
    DevSecops is a set disciplines combining development, security and operation.

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