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Architecture of Kubernetes and few lines for each component by Sachin Pargi

Kubernetes cluster consists of master nodes and worker nodes. Multiple master nodes are needed for high availability and there can be n number of nodes. It allows to run thousands of pods at scale
Master node has 4 components
1) API server - Exposes many APIs for each type of functionality and consumes json files.
2) Cluster store - stores the json manifest along with other data in persistent store. etcd is used for storing data. There are many instances of it for high availability.
3) Controller - Controller runs in a loop. Think this like many scripts. Each script checks specific activity - like namespace checks, node checks,
4) Scheduler - schedules and manages the pods on many worker nodes using kubelet on the worker nodes.

Worker nodes consists of 3 components
1) kubelet - responsible for instantiating the pod
2) kube-proxy - responsible for reflecting the calls to the right pod/container
3) container engine - docker or rocker

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