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My Understanding on Docker

What is Docker?
Docker is a management tool which helps us to containerize our application so that we can save time, reduce cost and management. Also it improves the quality of work

What is Container?
Container is used for running the docker engine. A container basically has PID, network, user etc. Container works with the help of Kernel

How Docker work?
Docker has a docker client which communicates to the docker server through API which internally works with containerD.
Docker has commands to create, start, stop, pause, unpause, kill and remove the containers running in it.

How Container work?
A container is created with the help of the kernel. A kernel creates a PID, network, user etc. for a container which is actually used for the docker to run its images

What are the components of Docker?
The components of docker includes

  1. Docker engine: contains docker client and docker engine which communicates through API
  2. Docker registry: Its a repository where images are stored (eg:docker hub). Different versions of the images are stored in the repository
  3. Docker images: which are used to run containers. It can have root file system (eg:centos) and application file system (jenkins)
  4. Docker container: where we can configure images to run. A container has 1 PID tree, 1 network system, 1 mount which contains image and 1 user

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