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Datadog Assignment: Infra (17-01-2023)

Q1. What is Datadog Agent?

Ans.: The Datadog Agent is software that runs on the hosts machine/server. It collects events and metrics from hosts and sends them to Datadog, where you can analyze your monitoring and performance data.

Q2. What are list of methods to send data to Datadog?

Ans.: Following are the methods to send data to Datadog:
1. Collector (Datadog agent)
2. DogstasD (Custom Metrics) - Extension of LogstasD lib

3. Top 10 commands of Datadog Agent

Ans.: Following are the top 10 commands of Datadog agent:
1. datadog-agent run
2. datadog-agent configcheck
3. datadog-agent health
4. datadog-agent hostname
5. datadog-agent status
6. datadog-agent check
7. datadog-agent stop
8. datadog-agent version
9. datadog-agent stream-logs
10. datadog-agent dogstasd-stats

4. Top 10 Techniques for troubleshooting Datadog Agent

Ans.: Following are the top 10 techniques for troubleshooting Datadog Agent:

  1. Check status of Datadog agent using datadog-agent status.
  2. Check datadog.yaml file for correct indentation or misconfiguration.
  3. Check status of site URL configured in datadog.yaml.
  4. Check for permission issues for running that agent.
  5. Check the integration installation in Datadog portal.
  6. Check for the API Key correctness in datadog.yaml used from Datadog portal.

5. Top 10 Metrices of Linux Servers which you should care it?

Ans.: Following are the metric of Linux Servers:
1. - The average size of request
issued to device.
2. - The average queue size of request
issued to device.
3. - The amount of disk space that is
4. - The amount of memory that is free.
5. system.load.1 - The average system load over 1 minute.
6. system.cpu.system The percent of time the CPU spent
running the kernel.

6. Write down the steps to enable any integration in datadog?

Ans.: Following are the steps to enable any integration in datadog(except legacy products):

  1. Install the required software or product whose metrics needs to be collected and also supported by Datadog agent.
  2. Before we proceed, make sure you have Datadog agent running on your server or machine.
  3. Add datadog agent user to the user group of that software or product. usermod -a -G <product> dd-agent
  4. Once user is added, proceed to update the config of that software/product inside below path and open yaml file.
  5. Update that file shown below with (if you are trying for docker) given configs.
  6. Once above step down. Restart the docker and datadog agent.
  7. After few seconds, once agent is restarted you will be able to watch metrics in Metrics > Explorer in Datadog portal.
 vi <product-conf>.yaml
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  - url: "unix://var/run/docker.sock"
    new_tag_names: true
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7. Top 10 Metrices of Windows Servers which you should care it?

Ans.: Following are the metrices of windows servers:
1. Server Uptime
2. Disk Utilization
3. Memory Utilization
4. Request Queue Size

8. Top 5 Metrices of Apache which you should not miss it?

Ans.: Following are top 5 metrices of Apache:
1. apache.performance.cpu_load - The percent of CPU used.
2. - The number of requests
performed per second.
3. apache.conns_total - The total number of connections
4. - The total number of requests
5. apache.performance.busy_workers - The number of
workers serving requests.

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