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DevOps Assignment

  1. What is DevOps in simple terms?

Ans: Devops will help in Delivering the quality product, reducing delivery time and utilizing the resource efficiently.

  1. What exactly do DevOps do?

Ans: Devops , do a collaboration of Developer and Operation team to work for a common goal.

  1. What are the list of DevOps Tools?


  1. Jenkin for CI/CD
  2. Docker
  3. Puppet
  4. Chef
  5. Nagios
  6. Kubernetes
  7. Git
  8. Ansible
  9. Terraform

  10. How DevOps and SRE are different?

Ans Devops team focus on Development , includes operation team.Where as SRE focus on Designing , help in reducing toil, Automate repetitive work.

  1. What is DevSecOps?

Ans It is consist of Security also, Everyone in the team is responsible for Security in each phase. It is a extension of Devops.
Integrating DevSecOps delivers better quality, automation and more secure software

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