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My Understanding on Docker

1. What is Docker?
Docker is a Container Management Tool. Its a container management tool which can use for building, deploying, running and managing the containers.
Tool - will reduce time, reduce cost, improve the quality of work( It will help to reduce the time spent for the resource installation, So engineer can more concentrate on coding)
Management - Docker can create a container and it can start, stop, restart, pause, un pause, kill and remove containers
Container - Container will run an application in a lightweight way in an environment.
In earlier for running an application, it need dedicated hardware, kernel os, filesystem. So One user can run one application in a system at a time only.
Then virtual method by using Vmware, By this way multiple user can use same application at time. But still it have disadvantage. It use multiple OS for each instance. So its waste of resource and use lot of hardware.
For solving this, docker introduced. It need only one kernel and hardware. Kernel will give dedicated PID, RootFile, network for each instance. So multiple users can run same app at time in efficient manner.
2. What is container
Container will run a application in a light weight way in an environment. Container is a running instance contain Root File, PID, Network. Docker container is a lightweight and standalone can run an application in a docker environment.

3. How docker work?
User (Send commands) -> Docker client(verify the command) -> API(Communicate with docker server) -> Docker Server(DockerD) -> ContainerD(For communicate with kernel) - Kernel

4. How container work?
In a single hardware and kernel, multiple container can run simultaneously.
Register and login to Docker hub -> Search and find the images -> Execute the docker run command (If image available in local it will take, otherwise it will download)
One copy of docker image mounted inside each container. If we run 10 images, it will create 10 containers.

5. What are the components of Docker?
Docker Engine
Docker Images
Docker Container
Docker Registry

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