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Datadog training-Day-01

What is Obserbability?
observability is the ability to measure a system’s current state based on the data it generates, such as logs, metrics, and traces.

Observability relies on telemetry derived from instrumentation that comes from the endpoints and services in your multi-cloud computing environments and goal of observability is to understand what’s happening across all these environments and among the technologies.

What is Datadog?
Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud-scale applications, providing monitoring of servers, databases, tools, and services, through a SaaS-based data analytics platform.

What is Datadog Agent?
The Datadog Agent is software that runs on your hosts. It collects events and metrics from hosts and sends them to Datadog.

What is DogstatsD?
DogStatsD uses the open soruce StatsD protocol and adds a few Datadog-specific features:
Histogram metric type
Service checks

How Datadog works?
Datadog Agent is open-source software that monitors the host on which it runs. Acting as a DogStatsD server, Datadog Agent also aggregates metrics from other processes or containers on the host.

Top 10 commands used in Datadog Agent?
installation command :
DD_API_KEY=5f819979f227d8370e63015e1bc64b26 DD_SITE="" bash -c "$(curl -L"

datadog-agent version
service datadog-agent status
service datadog-agent start
service datadog-agent restart
datadog-agent configcheck
datadog-agent --help
datadog-agent check cpu
vi /etc/datadog-agent/datadog.yaml

What is Datadog config file and which config you used today?

Datadog config file is the key file to setup the configurations on different metrics, all the metrics and logs are having the entries in the file, we need to update the config file in order to get collect those metrics.


Today we have updated the CPU collections for the windows and linux server.

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