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Understanding Datadog Agent

What is Datadog Agent ?
Datadog agent is a combination of collector, Forwarder and DogstaasD. Which collects the metrices, events etc and forwards to the datadog through https.
Type of Datadog Agent ?
Ports used in Datadog agent?
5000-->Exposes runtime metrics about the Agent.
5001-->Used by the Agent CLI and GUI to send commands and pull
information from the running Agent.
5002-->Serves the GUI server on Windows and OSX.
8125-->Used for the DogStatsD server to receive external metrics.
443/tcp--> port for most Agent data.
Top 5 commands with simple explanation troubleshooting Datadog agent?
$ datadog-agent status - To check the status whether it is active or not
$ datadog-agent config - Whether it is configured or not
$ datadog-agent diagnose - To diagnosis the server
$ datadog-agent health - To check the health of server
$ datadog-agent integration - To check whether container integrated or not
5 techniques for troubleshooting Datadog?

  • Verify API token (datadog.yaml)
  • Verify site/region (datadog.yaml)
  • Agent is running or not
  • Restart the services

Locate how to enable Logs monitoring in datadog.yaml
we need to fetch the YML file and then Locate the logs: section and set enabled: false to enabled: true.

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