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Assignment#1 - Helm

Q1 - What is helm?

Ans - Helm is a package and install manager that standardizes and simplifies packaging and deployment of containerized applications with Kubernetes by combining your configuration files into a single reusable package, anywhere in the hybrid cloud.

Q2 - Top 5 reason for using helm?

  1. Easy Deployment
  2. Package Management
  3. Versioning and Rollbacks
  4. Dependency Management
  5. Reduced complexity

Q3 - How helm works? Include some pic

Image description

Q4 - Helm Architecture? Include some pic

Image description

Q5 - What is chart and what it contains?

A Helm chart is a package that contains all the necessary files and configurations to deploy and manage a Kubernetes application, including metadata, templates for Kubernetes resources, default values, and optional dependencies. It simplifies the process of deploying and maintaining applications on Kubernetes clusters.

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