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My helm notes for Day 1

Q1 - What is helm?

Helm is a tool through which kubernetes deployment can be automated by creating packages, configuration.

Q2 - Top 5 reason for using helm?

  1. Reduced complexity
  2. Reduced effort for multiple deployments
  3. Easy to maintain for different env: dev, qa, prod
  4. Helps in frequent updates/rollback
  5. Implementation of cloud-native applications

Q3 - How helm works? Inlcude some pic

Image description

Q4 - Helm Architecture? Inlcude some pic

Image description

Q5 - What is chart and what it contains?

Helm uses a packaging format called charts. A chart is a collection of files that describe a related set of Kubernetes resources. Chart contains templates(deployment.yaml, ingress.yaml, hpa.yaml, service.yaml, service account.yaml).It also contains a Value.yaml file which has the actual configuration values.

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