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Helm Questions and Answer – Day 1

What is Helm?

Helm is the most popular package manager for Kubernetes where in we can download, install, upgrade, rollback packages. we can create and publish packages to standard repositories. Helm is part of CNCF.

Write write 5 reason why we need helm?

We need Helm because it simplifies managing resources in following ways:

  1. Helm can serve as a single command to deploy, upgrade or rollback a complete system.
  2. It helps in organizing the resources and their dependencies is simplified charts.
  3. Helm helps us to build generic templates and apply logic using variables and values, which later builds together to be used for final rollout.
  4. Helm is a popular open source tool and has very strong community support.
  5. Helm is the default package manager recommended by CNCF

How Helm works?

  1. Helm charts are maintained and published by (SRE) developers in the repositories.
  2. User Developers (Operations Developers) use helm client to download the charts, customizes the values
  3. Builds the Charts to manifest.
  4. deploys the manifest to the Kubernetes cluster.

What are the components of helm eco systems?

Components of Helm eco system are:

  1. Chart repositories.
  2. Helm Client.
  3. Templates.
  4. Values.
  5. Dependencies.

What are parallel tools of helm for another platform and programming Language?

  1. npm for nodejs.
  2. nuget for .NET.
  3. yum for RHEL.
  4. maven for JAVA.

Explained a Diretory structure of helm?

The Directory of a Helm represents the chart. It has following components:

  1. Chart.yml it has the information about the chart and the dependencies with other charts
  2. Templates/Template.yml it has the definitions for the resources in the Kubernetes, examples, pods, deployment, services, replicasets etc
  3. values.yml defines the variables that are going to be replaced in the templates

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