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Datadog Indroduction(Siva)

What is Observability and its advantage?

 Observability is a reactive action / process, using the monitoring logs,traces & metrics. Which will help in finding the root cause of the issue happened in the monitoring environment . Also it will help to self heal the future issues and gives you the futuristic alert trend of the environment. 
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Difference between Observability Monitoring?

  Observability is a reactive process where as monitoring is proactive process 
  Monitoring will show only the data about particular process or services(display data) and it will trigger events in changes. Where as Observability can help to find root cause using the crucial data called traces, logs & metrics.
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What is Data-dog?

  Datadog is a monitoring service which monitors the whole environment in terms of APM,infra,micro services monitoring. 
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What is Data-dog Agent and How it works?

   DD Agent is a monitoring agent /installable which developed using Go language,which can install in the hosts where we need to monitor the environment a
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Component of Data-dog Agent and short intro for each

DD agent has 3 components(collector,dogstatsd & forwarder)
Collector -- collect all infra metrics from the host and share to forwarder using http(17285)
DogstatsD -- Module which collect and aggregate the application related data and forward it to forwarder through UDP port
Forwarder -- It can club both the data sent by collector and dogstatsD and send it to Datadog SaaS(Backend)
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1 Top 10 commands of Datadog Agent

$ systemctl start datadog-agent
$ systemctl stop datadog-agent
$ systemctl restart datadog-agent
$ systemctl status datadog-agent
$ ls /var/log/datadog/
$ less /etc/datadog-agent/datadog.yaml
$ less /var/log/datadog/agent.log
$ less /var/log/datadog/process-agent.log
$ less /var/log/datadog/trace-agent.log
$ datadog-agent configcheck
$ datadog-agent config
$ datadog-agent health
$ datadog-agent hostname
$ datadog-agent version
$ datadog-agent status

2 Locate how to enable Process monitoring in datadog.yaml?

Process Agent

process_agent_enabled: true

Above value should be set as true and restart the agent once.

3 Top 5 Techniques for troubleshooting Data-dog Agent

  • Ensure the installable not corrupted.

  • Check whether agent process is running first

  • Check whether API key and site are configured correctly in data.yaml file

  • Check the datadog/datalog file throwing any specific error

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