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Understanding about Docker Engines

  1. What is Docker: Docker engine is container management tool - can be used to do life cycle operations of container runtime

  2. Why Docker: using this Docker Engine, we can save time (in deployment), save cost (spending in hardware and operation system) and improve the quality of applications (performance).

  3. What is Container: Container is runtime of the image that contains the base layer and application layer.

  4. Docker Workflow: we get docker client cli and docker server process when we install docker engine, the docker client will make use of REST API to communicate with the Docker server process. the docker server will make use of libraries like libvirt, LXC to talk to kernal of the operating system to create the required namespaces.

  5. How container created: container is created when we run "docker run ", the client will talk to docker daemon to check the image availability, if the image is not available in the local repository, then docker daemon will connect to docker hub repository and download the copy of image, then it will run the image.

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