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  • What is Kubernetes?
    Kubernetes is an Orchestration tool managing multiple workloads running across a cluster of nodes.

  • What are the 10 feature which we need at prod level, Kubernetes has it

  1. Auto-scaling
  2. Persistent Storage
  3. Load Balancing
  4. Auto replication
  5. Automatic deployments
  6. Auto-restart of applications
  7. Security
  8. cluster logging
  9. storage orchestration
  10. patching quickly underlying applicaitons and k8s for regular updates
  • Architecture of Kubernetes and few lines for each component The architecture contains of Master nodes and worker nodes.
  • Master node comprises: Controller Manager - manages controllers in cluster. controllers - controls loops and watches state of cluster. Scheduler - assigns pods to nodes Api server - communicates to controller & scheduler etcd - key value store used asfor all cluster data
  1. Worker node comprises Pods - smallest unit representing an instance . May contain 1 or more container. Kubelet - creates, destroys, updates container nodes Proxy - manages network across nodes.
  • What is POD, write a 10 lines explaination on POD

POD is the smallest deployable unit in K8s.
Can contain 1 or more containers.
single instance running process in a cluster.

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