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1.What is CI?
Continuous integration is the practice where code changes are automatically integrated into a repository.

2.What is continuous delivery
Once the code pass UT and ready for the release With manual approval deploy the changes to prod env.
3.What is continuous deployment
automate the release the process, deploying the changes to prod automatically once test cases passes.
4.What is Cloudbees?
Cloudbees is the enterprise edition of Jenkins. It provides solotions for CI, CD and helps to automate the build, test and deploy application.
5.What is Cloudbees CD RO?
Cloudbees CD release orchestration, formerly known as electric code. It provides solotions Build test automation, automated deployments, release planning and management and automation pipeline etc.. which helps easy flow of SDLC.
6.What is Cloudbees CD RO Architecture?

Cloudbees CD/RO architecture follows threetier architecture. Cloudees cd/ro server(backend) manages resources and generates reports. Web server is frontend and agent where pipeline will run and deploy application.

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