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Top 10 data dog agent commands with their use cases

  1. Systemctl stop datadog-agent –> stop the service of datadog
  2. Systemctl start datadog-agent –> start the service of datadog
  3. Systemctl status datadog-agent –> check the status of service of datadog
  4. Systemctl restart datadog-agent –> restart the service of datadog
  5. Datadog-agent status –> to check the details status of datadog
  6. Datadog-agent config –> to check the current details configuration datadog
  7. datadog-agent configcheck –> to check the current metrics being sent to datadog
  8. datadog-agent health –> check the health of components of datadog
  9. datadog-agent hostname –> check the hostname of datadog installed
  10. datadog-agent version –> check the version of datadog installed

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