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1. Kubernetes Architecture 2. Componnet of master and its role for each 3. Component of worker and its role for each....

Kubernetes Architecture consists of control plane and data plane.
Master consists of API server, etcd,scheduler and controller manager.
1.API server takes the input requests external and internal and processes the request.
2.Etcd acts as a database that contains the data about cluster state and configuration.
3.Controller manager is a control loop that monitors the state of the cluster.It receives information about the current state of the cluster and objects within it, and sends instructions to move the cluster towards the cluster operator’s desired state.
4.Scheduler basically schedules the different pods on specific nodes.

Worker node consits of the kubelets,kube proxy, container engine,
kubeletes : Instantiate the pod and to make sure that containers specified in pod configuration are running on a specific node and manage their lifecycle.
Kubeproxy: It handles all network communications outside and inside the cluster, forwarding traffic or replying on the packet filtering layer of the operating system.
Container Engine :Each node comes with a container runtime engine, which is responsible for running containers.

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