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AWS script to list expired users

Here is a sample script on AWS CLI to list all the expired IAM users.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
## VERSION 1.0.0

#export REPORT=$(aws iam get-credential-report --query "Content" --output text | base64 -d)
export USERS=$(aws iam get-credential-report --query "Content" --output text | base64 -d | awk -F "\"*,\"*" 'NR>2 {print $1"|"$7}')

for user in $USERS;
        export USER=$(echo $user | awk -F '[|]' '{print $1}')
        export EXPIRATION_DATE=$(echo $user | awk -F '[|]' '{print $2}')

        if [[ "$EXPIRATION_DATE" != "N/A" ]] && [ "$EXPIRATION_DATE" != "not_supported" ]; then
                echo "Checking user $USER with expiration date -$EXPIRATION_DATE-"
                let REM_DAYS=\($(date +%s -d $EXPIRATION_DATE)-$(date +%s)\)/86400
                echo $REM_DAYS

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