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Understanding on Docker

what is docker?
Docker is a container management tool which manages the states like create, start, stop, restart, kill, pause etc.
It saves time, costs, it enables to run multiple applications at the same time. Docker allows a running container to create/update files & directories in the file system.

what is container?
Container is an environment for running applications. It is a form of virtualizing OS. Kernel creates multiple container (isolated) as it has individual networks.

How docker works?
Docker uses resource isolation in the kernal to run multiple containers on the same OS.
user request for image creation -> docker client-> API -> Docker server -> containerD-> kernel

How container work?
We create a container with the docker image using docker run command, once this is executed, we get a container created. All files required to execute are provided from the image. The image can be there locally or can be accessible from the docker hub. The API will allow the program to interact with the process.

What are the components of docker?

  1. Docker Engine : It acts as a client server application(Docker client communicates to Docker server using some APIs)
  2. Docker images : Docker images consist of set of rules to be executed with root system with certain users with some application.
  3. Docker registry : server side application tat stores & provides docker images
  4. Docker container :

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