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Docker image by Tomar

What is a Docker image. Explain in 10 points.

  • Docker image consists multiple file system.
  • It is a name inside repository and this name will be linked to docker Layer ID.
  • This Layer Id is used to recognize the parents for that layer and so on.
  • Docker images will have multiple layers. The rootfile System or base image at the bottom layer and then there will be multiple layers on top it for software and applications.
  • When a docker image is pulled these data layers will stored in docker locally (inside overlay2 - again depends on the filesystem type), and meta layers will be there in images directory.
  • When we create a container using this image all layers will be merged and mounted to the user attached with container.
  • If are creating any new file in container, it will be stored at two places diff and merge.
  • mount for an image is conmbination of diff and image layers.
  • when you stop a container the merge directory go away.

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