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Namespaces, PODs, Replicasets and Deployment


Namespaces creates a logical separation in a cluster. Namespaces are used to create kubernetes resources like pods, replica sets and deployments.


Pods in kubernetes cluster are created using a markup language called yaml. A user can perform CRUD Operations on kubernetes resources.
With the following list of commands a user can do troubleshooting:
Troubleshooting and Debugging Commands:
describe Show details of a specific resource or group of resources
logs Print the logs for a container in a pod
attach Attach to a running container
exec Execute a command in a container
port-forward Forward one or more local ports to a pod
proxy Run a proxy to the Kubernetes API server
cp Copy files and directories to and from containers
auth Inspect authorization
debug Create debugging sessions for troubleshooting workloads and nodes

ReplicaSets or ReplicaController

ReplicaSets or ReplicaControllers are used to create 'n' number of instances based on need in a cluster. The instances can be scaled up or down too.


Deployments are used to enable versioning, Upgrades and Rollback along with controlling the replicas.

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