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Day 1:

What is Observability?
Assembling all fragments from logs, monitoring tools and organize in a way which gives actionable knowledge. Basically it lets you ask why it is not working (CPU/Processor/Memory slow) - ask questions based on hypotheses.

What is Datadog?
Datadog is monitoring service for cloud based applications. Monitoring of servers, DB, tools and services through SAAS based data analytics platform.

What is Datadog Agent?
Datadog agent is a lightweight software installed on the host, which reports metrics and events from the host to datadog via Integration, Dogstatsd and API. Agent can report live processes, traces, logs.

What is DogstatsD?
A simple daemon to aggerate and summarize application metrics. Only for Application level data which can collect the data, but cannot store the data(backend storage available for the same)

How Datadog works?
Datadog Distributed Tracing allows you easily ingest traces via the Datadog libraries and agent or via OpenTelemetry, search and analyze them in real time, and use UI-based retention filters to keep all of your business-critical traces while controlling costs.

Top 10 commands used in Datadog Agent?
installservice - install the agent within service control manager

launch gui - to start the Datadog GUI
restart - restart the agent
restart-service - restart the agent with service control manager
start - Start the agent
start-service Start the agent with service control manager
status - current status of agent
stop - stop the agent
stopservice - Stop the agent with service control manager
version - Print current version of datadog agent

What is Datadog config file and which config you used today?
The Agent’s main configuration file is datadog.yaml and we used it today to enable Live Process monitoring in Datadog Agent.

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