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Terraform Day 1 - Revison

Why do we need terraform?

Terraform is a tool that has the following benefits:

  1. Is an infrastructure as code tool which allows us to describe our desired infrastrucre as code.
  2. Allows us to create automation to deploy the environment
  3. Its cloud agnostic where it can be used to interact with multiple cloud vendors

What is Providers?

Providers are plugins that allow terraform to interact with various cloud systems

What is Resources?

Resources are the key configurations that allows us to manage the infrastructure

List out Top 8 Commands which we have learnt so far?

  1. terraform init
  2. terraform providers
  3. terraform validate
  4. terraform plan
  5. terraform apply
  6. terraform show
  7. terraform destroy
  8. terraform state

What are the block we have used in .tf file? Explain in Short

Provider - defines the infra provider to be used
resource - defines the infra resources to be managed
output - defines the value that will be displayed after terraform completes execution

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