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Assignment#2 – Day 2

What is Namespaces? Explain with Image

Namespaces help with ensuring segregation of Pod/ Worker isolation, while working in multiple teams/ projects, but deploying on a common Cluster. When we work as teams/ projects, we look at a Cluster as a whole.. not like master/ worker nodes, for resource usage. When we deploy we would want to isolate these activities so that work of either teams/ projects is does not affect one another. Not only at Pod level, but also at resource usage level we can have isolation which would act as a resource governor for Cluster resource utilization. Various types of Namespaces include: Admin (node), Common (public), Default (where people land), System (for Pods)

What is Pod? Explain with Image

Smallest unit of Work that can be scheduled to run on a K8s Cluster. It can be Instantiated not Created.

What is ReplicaSets? Explain with Image

ReplicaSets were introduced to replace / address the bugs in Replica Controller. It helps replicate the Pods/ have replicas of Pods to be made available.

What is Deployment? Explain with Image

Deployment can be of Rollout, Versioning, Controller, Rollback or Replication Sets.

We made use of Deployment to replace an older version of an Application with a newer version of the Application. We saw how Deployment Versions could be used to Rollback and also Ananthu taught us how to make use of "change cause"

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