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1. What is DevOps in simple terms?
As per my understanding, DevOps is a:
-It is a Culture.
-It is the collaboration of Operations and Development teams.
-It helps companies deliver software applications and services faster and more secure.

2.What exactly do DevOps do?
-Continuous Integration
-Continuous Delivery
-Continuous Deployment
-Collaboration between the different teams
-Better communication among the different teams

3.What are the list of DevOps Tools?
-Version Control: GitHub
-CI/CD: Jenkins
-Containerization: Docker
-Infrastructure as Code: Terraform
-Monitoring and Logging: Splunk
4.How DevOps and SRE are different?**
DevOps focuses on the entire product lifecycle, from design to operation.
Devops focuses on: Collaboration, Automation and CI/CD.
And the main goal of Devops Engineer is to improve the collaboration between the development team and operations team, to automate all the manual processes and to set up CI/CD pipelines for continuous improvement and faster deployment of applications.

SRE focuses on keeping services running and available to users.
SRE focuses on: Stability, Reliability and availability of the applications, making sure whether the applications are UP all the time.

5.What is DevSecOps?
DevSecOps = DevOps + Security Tools
DEvSecOps = Development + Security + Operations

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