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Day 1

What is Obserbability?
-->it questions why the issue has happened and whats needs to be done to rectify.metrics,logs and traces are the pillars of observability.

What is Datadog?
-->it is an Observability tool which is used in infrastructure monitoring,APM and it can integrate 600 plus services,tools,kubernetes,With the help of chef,puppet,Ansible w can deploy the agents into multiple can proivide both RUM and sysnthetic monitoring.It is an saas based cloud application.

What is Datadog Agent?

Data Agent helps to collect the data from the end points and forward that to the console.Agent consists of dogstatsd and forwarder.

What is DogstatsD?
Dogstats has to be activated by the programmer at the application end to forward the app is an aggregrator and it can store the data.

How Datadog works?

-->it helps to collect the metrics from end points through agent and integrations based on API

Top 10 commands used in Datadog Agent?
-->systemctl start datadog-agent
systemctl stop datadog-agent
systemctl status datadog-agent
systemctl restart datadog-agent
datadog-agent config
datadog-agent health
datadog-agent hostname
datadog-agent version
vi datadog.yaml
datadog-agent configcheck

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