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Assignment #1

1)What is kubernetes?
Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool. It supports high availability, workload placements, Infrastructure abstraction, maintains desired state. .
2) why do you need kubernetes?
Scaling is the main limitation for a container.
Kubernetes supports high availability and scalability.Docker can't manage multiple nodes. To overcome this, we have kubernetes. It does self healing, automated Rollbacks, Storage orchestration, secret and configuration management etc
3) Explain in 10 lines how kubernetes works?
It manages the clusters.
We have one or multiple master nodes.
We have a worker node.
One or more pods will be running in the worker nodes. Each pod may contain one or more containers. All pods will be communicating to each other and to master node as well. Master node controls all the worker nodes.
4) kubernetes architecture

Image description
5) Explain each component one line
Components in master node:
1) API server - controls and manages the cluster
2) ETCD - It is the cluster storage
3) Kube controller manager - Controls one or more controllers. Eg Node controller etc
4) Kube Scheduler - Responsible for scheduling the work to the containers.
Components in worker node:
1) Kubelet - Communicates to master node and get the instructions
2) Container runtime - Container engine eg. Docker, ContainerD etc
3) kube proxy - for configuring the network in the cluster

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