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Architecture of Kubernetes and few lines for each component by Agrima

There are main two components - Master node or Control Plane
and worker node

Master node or Control plane has following components :

  • API server : It is the front end for the Kubernetes control plane and controls the communication from end user.

  • Cluster store : Keeps a store of the data which makes it persistent.

  • Scheduler : It keeps a track of newly created Pods and selects a node for them to run on.

  • Controller manager : It controls the worker nodes and manages them.

Node components consists of the following components :

  • kubelet : It is an agent that runs on each node in a cluster. It makes sure that containers are running in a Pod.

  • kubeproxy : It is a network proxy that runs on each node in your cluster

  • Pods : It contains the container images.

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