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What is POD, write a 10 lines explaination on POD by Agrima

  • Pod is a small atomic unit that kubernetes instantiate.

  • It is the unit of scheduling.

  • It is a group of one or more containers, with shared resources.

  • All the pods are part of the pod network.

  • Each node can communicate with each other with the use of proxy.

  • All containers in a pod share the same ip of the parent pod.

  • Each pod has an IP and each container inside a pod has a port address, to access a container the following format has to be used : IP_address_of_pod : port_number_of_conatiner.

  • If a pod fails, it cannot be redeployed. A pod can only be created.

  • Stages of a pod are : Pending, running, success/failed.

  • Kuberentes has the job of keeping the pod running, and keeping it in the desired state.

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