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Top 30 Gitlab Interview Questions with Answers multiple choice style

1. What is GitLab?

a. A version control system
b. A web-based platform for managing Git repositories
c. A programming language
d. An operating system
Answer: b

2. Which programming language is GitLab primarily written in?

a. Java
b. Python
c. Ruby
d. C++
Answer: c

3. What is GitLab CI/CD used for?

a. Managing user accounts
b. Automated testing and deployment
c. Code review
d. Task tracking
Answer: b

4. What does CI stand for in GitLab CI/CD?

a. Central Integration
b. Continuous Integration
c. Collaborative Integration
d. Complete Integration
Answer: b

5. What is a GitLab Runner?

a. A person responsible for code reviews
b. A machine or virtual machine that runs CI/CD jobs
c. A code collaboration tool
d. A built-in code editor
Answer: b

6. What is a GitLab repository?

a. A directory for storing code files
b. A server that hosts websites
c. A collection of Docker images
d. A file storage system
Answer: a

7. Which license is GitLab distributed under?

a. MIT License
b. GNU General Public License
c. Apache License
d. GitLab Public License
Answer: d

8. What is the purpose of a GitLab Merge Request (MR)?

a. To request permission to access a repository
b. To request a code review and merge changes into the main branch
c. To fork a repository
d. To create a new branch
Answer: b

9. What is a GitLab issue?

a. A problem with GitLab software
b. A request for a code review
c. A security vulnerability
d. A bug in the code
Answer: b

10. What is the GitLab Flow?

a. A workflow for managing Kubernetes clusters
b. A version control system
c. A development process emphasizing feature branches and merge requests
d. A type of code repository
Answer: c

11. Which of the following is a GitLab service for container registry?

a. GitLab Helm Chart
b. GitLab Pages
c. GitLab Runners
d. GitLab CI
Answer: a

12. What is the purpose of a .gitignore file in a Git repository?

a. To hide sensitive files from other contributors
b. To specify which files and directories should be ignored by Git
c. To configure access control for the repository
d. To store user authentication data
Answer: b

13. In GitLab, what is the purpose of a group?

a. A group of developers working on a single feature
b. A collection of related projects and their members
c. A GitLab CI job
d. A branch in a Git repository
Answer: b

14. What is GitLab's built-in continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) system called?

a. GitLab Runner
b. GitLab Flow
c. GitLab CI/CD
d. GitLab Pages
Answer: c

15. What is GitLab's integrated code review feature called?

a. GitLab Issues
b. GitLab Merge Requests
c. GitLab Snippets
d. GitLab Wiki
Answer: b

16. What is a GitLab Runner executor?

a. A person responsible for managing GitLab repositories
b. The person who creates GitLab Merge Requests
c. The platform or technology used to run CI/CD jobs
d. A GitLab team member
Answer: c

17. How can you protect your GitLab repository from unauthorized access?

a. By setting up two-factor authentication
b. By creating a strong password
c. By using a firewall
d. By configuring access controls and permissions
Answer: d

18. Which GitLab feature helps automate repetitive tasks and workflows using custom scripts?

a. GitLab Flow
b. GitLab CI/CD
c. GitLab Snippets
d. GitLab Runners
Answer: b

19. What is the purpose of GitLab Pages?

a. To host and publish static websites
b. To track code changes in a repository
c. To manage user accounts
d. To create Merge Requests
Answer: a

20. How do you create a new GitLab project?

a. By sending an email to GitLab support
b. By using the Git command-line tool
c. By visiting the GitLab website and clicking "New Project"
d. By submitting a Merge Request to an existing project
Answer: c

21. What is GitLab Runner's role in CI/CD?

a. Managing user accounts
b. Running CI/CD jobs on your code
c. Reviewing code changes
d. Managing Docker containers
Answer: b

22. What is the purpose of the GitLab "Protected Branch" feature?

a. To lock all users out of a repository
b. To prevent accidental changes to important branches
c. To enable public access to a private repository
d. To restrict access to GitLab Pages
Answer: b

23. What does "MR" stand for in GitLab?

a. Merge Request
b. Main Repository
c. Merge Revision
d. Master Request
Answer: a

24. Which GitLab feature allows you to track and manage code changes over time?

a. GitLab Flow
b. GitLab CI/CD
c. GitLab Issues
d. GitLab Pages
Answer: c

25. What is GitLab Geo used for?

a. Geolocation of users
b. Scaling and mirroring GitLab instances for high availability
c. Code collaboration
d. Automated testing
Answer: b

26. Which feature in GitLab allows you to track changes to a code snippet or text block over time?

a. GitLab Flow
b. GitLab Runner
c. GitLab Snippets
d. GitLab CI/CD
Answer: c

27. What is the purpose of GitLab Workspaces?

a. To create virtual meeting rooms
b. To host static websites
c. To manage project access and permissions
d. To collaborate on code and documents
Answer: c

28. Which GitLab feature allows you to automatically build, test, and deploy your application?

a. GitLab Runner
b. GitLab Flow
c. GitLab CI/CD
d. GitLab Geo
Answer: c

29. In GitLab, what is the primary function of a Project Service?

a. A project management tool
b. An integrated third-party tool or service that integrates with GitLab
c. A project code repository
d. A code review tool
Answer: b

30. What is the GitLab feature that allows you to write and publish documentation for your project?

a. GitLab Flow
b. GitLab Pages
c. GitLab Snippets
d. GitLab Geo
Answer: b

31. What is a GitLab Artifact?

a. A code collaboration tool
b. A deployable file generated by a CI/CD job
c. A code repository
d. A Docker image
Answer: b

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