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Top 30 Selendroid Interview Questions with Answers multiple choice style

1. What is Selendroid?

A. A web automation tool
B. An automation tool for iOS apps
C. An automation tool for Android apps
D. A database management tool
Answer: C

2. Which programming languages are supported by Selendroid for test automation?

A. Java
B. Python
C. Ruby
D. All of the above
Answer: A

3. What is the primary purpose of Selendroid Inspector?

A. To automate Android apps
B. To inspect and identify UI elements in Android apps
C. To create test cases
D. To generate test reports
Answer: B

4. Which of the following is not a supported testing framework in Selendroid?

A. JUnit
B. TestNG
C. Appium
D. None of the above
Answer: C

5. What is the command to start the Selendroid server?

A. selendroid start
B. appium start
C. adb start-selendroid
D. selendroid-server
Answer: A

6. Which Selendroid API is used to interact with the Android device's hardware buttons?

A. SelendroidDriver
B. SelendroidKeyboard
C. SelendroidTouchScreen
D. SelendroidButton
Answer: B

7. Which command is used to install an Android app on the device using Selendroid?

A. adb install
B. selendroid install
C. selendroid start
D. appium install
Answer: B

8. What is the key difference between Selendroid and Appium?

A. Selendroid is for Android automation, and Appium supports both Android and iOS.
B. Appium is for Android automation, and Selendroid supports both Android and iOS.
C. Both Selendroid and Appium are exclusively for Android automation.
D. Both Selendroid and Appium are exclusively for iOS automation.
Answer: A

9. What is the command to switch between native and web contexts in Selendroid?

A. selendroid switchContext
B. selendroid switchTo
C. selendroid context
D. selendroid setContext
Answer: B

10. Which Selendroid API is used to capture a screenshot of the current screen?

A. SelendroidScreenshot
B. SelendroidScreenCapture
C. SelendroidDriver
D. SelendroidUtil
Answer: D

11. Which configuration file is used for specifying the desired capabilities in Selendroid?

A. selendroid.json
B. capabilities.json
C. selendroid-config.xml
D. android-desired.json
Answer: A

12. What is the purpose of Selendroid grid mode?

A. To run tests in parallel on multiple Android devices
B. To create a virtual grid on the Android screen
C. To control the Android device remotely
D. To manage Selendroid servers
Answer: A

13. Which of the following is NOT a supported locator strategy in Selendroid?

B. Name
C. XPath
D. CSS Selector
Answer: D

14. Which tool can be used for recording and generating Selendroid test scripts?

A. Selendroid Inspector
B. Android Studio
C. Appium Recorder
D. Selendroid Recorder
Answer: D

15. What is the command to stop the Selendroid server?

A. selendroid stop
B. adb stop-selendroid
C. selendroid shutdown
D. appium stop
Answer: A

16. Which Selendroid API is used to perform gestures like swipe, pinch, and zoom?

A. SelendroidGestures
B. SelendroidTouchActions
C. SelendroidMotion
D. SelendroidGestureActions
Answer: B

17. What is the Selendroid built-in mechanism for handling alerts and pop-ups?

A. selendroid.switchToAlert()
B. selendroid.acceptAlert()
C. selendroid.dismissAlert()
D. selendroid.alertHandling()
Answer: A

18. How can you wait for an element to be visible in Selendroid?

A. selendroid.waitForElementToBeVisible()
B. selendroid.waitForElementVisibility()
C. selendroid.waitUntilElementVisible()
D. selendroid.waitForVisibleElement()
Answer: C

19. Which command is used to set a specific network connection type in Selendroid?

A. selendroid.setNetworkConnection()
B. selendroid.changeNetworkConnection()
C. selendroid.setNetwork()
D. selendroid.networkType()
Answer: A

20. What is the main advantage of using Selendroid over the Android Instrumentation framework?

A. Selendroid supports only native apps.
B. Selendroid does not require access to the app's source code.
C. Android Instrumentation framework offers better performance.
D. Selendroid does not support automated testing.
Answer: B

21. How do you scroll to a specific element in Selendroid?

A. selendroid.scrollTo()
B. selendroid.scrollIntoView()
C. selendroid.swipeToElement()
D. selendroid.scroll()
Answer: A

22. What is the purpose of Selendroid Server's proxy feature?

A. To intercept and modify network traffic during testing
B. To proxy the device's screen to another device
C. To control the device remotely
D. To set up a VPN connection
Answer: A

23. Which Selendroid method is used to clear a text field or input element?

A. selendroid.clear()
B. selendroid.clearText()
C. selendroid.inputClear()
D. selendroid.textClear()
Answer: B

24. What command is used to capture performance metrics in Selendroid?

A. selendroid.capturePerformanceMetrics()
B. selendroid.monitorPerformance()
C. selendroid.performanceLog()
D. selendroid.startPerformanceProfiling()
Answer: B

25. How can you handle a situation where an element is not immediately available in Selendroid?

A. Use implicit waits
B. Use explicit waits
C. Use a loop until the element is found
D. Use a conditional statement
Answer: B

26. What is the role of Selendroid UIAutomator?

A. A graphical user interface for Selendroid
B. A tool for creating test cases
C. A locator strategy for finding elements
D. A tool for automating native Android apps
Answer: C

27. How do you set the device's screen rotation to landscape mode in Selendroid?

A. selendroid.setScreenRotation()
B. selendroid.rotateScreen()
C. selendroid.setOrientation()
D. selendroid.setLandscape()
Answer: A

28. What is the primary benefit of using Selendroid over manual testing for Android apps?

A. Speed and efficiency
B. Improved app design
C. Enhanced security
D. Better user experience
Answer: A

29. Which tool can be used for generating test reports in Selendroid?

A. Selendroid Reporter
B. Appium Reporter
C. TestNG Reporter
D. Extent Report
Answer: D

30. What is the command to uninstall an Android app using Selendroid?

A. selendroid uninstall
B. adb uninstall
C. selendroid remove
D. selendroid delete
Answer: B

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