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Write down a high level steps to integrate any tools and gather metrices using datadog agent.

  1. Click on the Integration link (left hand side panel) from within the Datadog portal and search for the required tool, say for example, tomcat or docker or mysql etc. by entering the same into the search box and hit enter.
  2. Required tool will be displayed on the screen, select it and click on the install button to install the plug in. It will also show the option to configure the tool under "configure" tab.
  3. Select the required Datadog agent for specific OS, from the Integration (left hand side panel) link and then select the agent tab within the Datadog portal and select the required OS, for example, ubuntu, centos, docker etc.
  4. Copy and paste the required instructions from step 3 above, onto the ubuntu/centos etc and install the datadog-agent.
  5. Run - systemctl start/stop command to start/stop "datadog-agent" services.
  6. Install the required tool which you want to monitor, for example, mysql or docker or tomcat etc., and if required, update the property or the config file wrt the datadog-agent.
  7. Navigate to the - /etc/datadog-agent/conf.d location and search for the tool you want to configure for the metrices. For example - /etc/datadog-agent/conf.d/tomcat.d and then rename the pre-existing file "conf.yaml.example" to "conf.yaml" and update the required parameter accordingly.
  8. Update "datadog.yaml" file for "process_config: process_collection: enabled: true".
  9. Restart the datadog-agent service on ubuntu/centos.
  10. Got to Datadog portal/website and verify - 10.1 - Infrastructure link for the machine to come online. It will show all the machines having datadog-agent installed. 10.2 - Navigate to the Metrics -> explorer and from the dropdown on the screen, select the Metrics and in the search box, search for the tool, you have configured for the metrics.

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