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Write down list of Top Datadog Agent commands with their usage.

datadog-agent [command]

Available Commands:
check Run the specified check
completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
config Print the runtime configuration of a running agent
configcheck Print all configurations loaded & resolved of a running agent
diagnose Check availability of cloud provider and container metadata endpoints
dogstatsd-capture Start a dogstatsd UDS traffic capture
dogstatsd-replay Replay dogstatsd traffic
dogstatsd-stats Print basic statistics on the metrics processed by dogstatsd
flare Collect a flare and send it to Datadog
health Print the current agent health
help Help about any command
hostname Print the hostname used by the Agent
import Import and convert configuration files from previous versions of the Agent
integration Datadog integration manager
jmx Run troubleshooting commands on JMXFetch integrations
launch-gui starts the Datadog Agent GUI
run Run the Agent
secret Print information about decrypted secrets in configuration.
secret-helper Secret management provider helper
snmp Snmp tools
status Print the current status
stop Stops a running Agent
stream-logs Stream the logs being processed by a running agent
tagger-list Print the tagger content of a running agent
version Print the version info
workload-list Print the workload content of a running agent

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