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How Kubernetes works? All components and roles of their components?

  1. Everything in K8s is on K8s cluster
  2. It has two main components Master Node and Worker Nodes
  3. Master Node act as a controller while worker nodes will have container where actual application will be running
  4. Master Node have mainly 4 components API-server, Cluster Store, Controller Manager & Scheduler
  5. Api server will act as communication mechanism for whole components to communicate to achieve all the task
  6. Api server will keep talking to Cluster store to fetch or feed the latest information which it can send to other components to master nodes,
  7. Cluster store will store all the information about pods, configurations and APIs
  8. Controller manager have various components like node controller, endpoint controller, namespace controller. It watches for the changes and tried to manage the desired state to keep the application running
  9. Scheduler will actually commands kubelet to create, deploy and manage PODs & container 10.In the worker nodes we have three components Kublete, Kube Proxy and container engine to perform actions

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