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Datadog Training Assignment - Day 2 by Ashish

Write a summary on Apache tomcat, MySQL & kubernetes application addition in Datadog

Datadog provides integration with 500+ various technologies. Apache tomcat, MySQL & kubernetes are fully supported. I will summarize the Apache tomcat technology integration with Datadog. First we need to install Apache tomcat on server which is being monitored by Datadog. Assuming server is already setup with basic monitoring. After installation we have to configure Apache tomcat to expose its health stats. Configure datadog agent configuration file to include Apache tomcat parameters for monitoring. On datadog website install Apache tomcat extension and enjoy the flawless monitoring of Apache tomcat.
Next lets summarize MySQL monitoring. First we need to install MySQL on that server. MySQL stores all health stats in a Database name performance. Now to monitor the database we need to create a user for Datadog agent and provide access performance database. Configure Datadog configuration file to use same username and password to access performance database. On datadog website install MySQL extension and enjoy the flawless monitoring of MySQL.
Kubernetes monitoring is bit different kubernetes required pods to monitor health on kubernete cluster. For configuration download the required configuration file and edit it as per environment. Execute command to create pods to monitor the cluster. In test environment don't forget to disable SSL communication else pods will not be created.

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