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The list of resources which We learnt in this session with 1 liner explanation.

  1. Replication controller : It means number of pod replicas running at any one time .

  2. Deployment : It runs multiple replicas of the application and automatically replaces if any instance got failed, it ensures that one or more instance of your application is available.

  3. Labels : It's a key value pair which identifies that are attached to objects such as pods.

  4. Services : It works as a Load balancer.
    CLuster Ip : LoadBalance POD and Only accessible inside
    nodeport : Create clusterip svc , It would port-forward at
    each node of the cluster
    loadbalancer : create LB and add each worker to LB.

  5. Persistent Volume / PVC : PV means storage of cluster given by storage Administrator . PVC means we can claim the storage from PV and mount it to pod, containers.

  6. Configmap and Secrets : Configmap used to store configuration of files , commandline arguments, environemnt files.

Secret used to store data in base 64 encoding format ,
passwords, token.

  1. Stateful set : It's always be in sequential order when ever we create a pod like pod1--pod2 -- pod3

  2. Daemon set : It's a agent used in each machine or VM. We normally used like one POD in each worker for better monitoring purpose , maintenance activity , security concerns.

  3. Cron Job : It creates jobs on repeating schedule like in a crontab file.

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