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DevOps and how it compares with SRE and DevSecOps

What is DevOps in simple terms?

DevOps is a culture where you break traditional separation between Development and Ops teams. A single team shares responsibility for development and support. It aims to reduce the software development and deployment cycle

*What exactly do DevOps do? *
By breaking these boundaries DevOps helps to reduce software deployment life cycle, increase quality and security of the product. DevOps engineers achieves this using various tools and automating end to end process

*What are the list of DevOps Tools? *
Versioning - Git
CI/CD- Jenkins, GitLab
IaC- Terraform
Containers Orchestration- Kubernetes
Configuration Management- Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Docker
Observe- Splunk, DATADOG

*How DevOps and SRE are different? *
DevOps focuses on development and deployment while SRE's main focus is on reliability and of the system.

What is DevSecOps?
DevSecOps primarily focuses on security aspect of the code, making it more secure making sure there are no errors within code

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