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datadog assignment 2

#1 Top 10 commands of Datadog Agent

datadog-agent status
service datadog-agent stop
service datadog-agent start
service datadog-agent restart
datadog-agent configcheck
datadog-agent diagnose
datadog-agent health
datadog-agent check
datadog-agent completion
datadog-agent config

#2 Locate how to enable Process monitoring in datadog.yaml?

Copy the system-probe example configuration:

sudo -u dd-agent install -m 0640 /etc/datadog-agent/system-probe.yaml.example /etc/datadog-agent/system-probe.yaml
Edit /etc/datadog-agent/system-probe.yaml to enable the process module:

enabled: true
Restart the Agent:

sudo systemctl restart datadog-agent
Note: If the systemctl command is not available on your system, run the following command instead: sudo service datadog-agent restart

#3 Top 5 Techniques for troubleshooting Datadog Agent

Status: Use sudo service datadog-agent status or sudo systemctl status datadog-agent to check if the Datadog Agent is running.
Logs: Check the logs in /var/log/datadog for error messages.
Configuration: Verify the agent configuration in /etc/datadog-agent/datadog.yaml.
Connectivity: Run sudo datadog-agent info to check if the agent is connected to the Datadog backend.
Firewalls: Ensure ports 443 and 8125 are open if a firewall is running.

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