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k8s Assignment 2

Kubernetes Architecture

A kubernetes cluster consists of a master node(s) (aka control plane) and worker node(s). Job of the master node is to manage the worker nodes. This is done through different components running in the form of pods on it. Job of the worker node is to run the workload (i.e. application). These applications are running inside container which with some other components form a pod.

Master Node

  1. Also known as Control plane.
  2. It's job is to manage the worker nodes.
  3. To help the master node in managing the worker nodes, there are 4 different components: API Server, scheduler, controller manager and etcd.

Worker Node

  1. It's job is to run the applications in the form of pods.
  2. It consists of kubelet, kube-proxy, container-runtime, pods, etc.

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