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Helm Day 2 Assignment

Topics covered

** 1. Creating and Packaging a Helm Chart:**
Create a New Chart:
helm create mychart
This will create a directory named mychart with the basic chart structure.
Creating and packaging a Helm chart involves organizing Kubernetes resources and configurations into a reusable package for deployment.

helm package

** 2. Creating Local & Remote Helm Repository**

  1. Local Repository Configuration
  • Create a Repository Directory
  • Add Charts
  • Update index.yaml
  • Use the Repositor
  1. Remote Repository Configuration
  • A remote repository is hosted online and can be accessed by others. To configure a remote repository:

** 3. Working with helm remote repo using github**

Create a GitHub repository to host your Helm charts. You can create a dedicated repository for your charts or use an existing repository.

Clone and push the chart to git repo

Add GitHub Repository as Helm Repository

  1. Reading through the values.yml file and the precedence of the values from the helm tree
  2. Input Validation With Values.Schema.Json Creating a new file called Values.Schema.Json and validating it with the values.yml file 6.Lint and templates

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