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Helm Questions and Answer – Day 1

1. What is Helm?

Helm is a package manager tool for Kubernetes, helps in managing, deploying, and upgrading applications by using a combination of charts, templates, and values.

2. write 5 reason why we need helm?

  • Helps to simplify deployments
  • Has version control helps to deploy and rollback
  • Helps to customize configuration management through the use of charts, templates, and values.
  • Saves time and reduce potential human errors
  • reuse and build upon existing charts thus has good community collaboration.

3.How Helm works?

Helm packages all the setup details in charts, which are like packages. These charts can be adjusted using values to match each situation. When you install a chart, Helm creates the needed instructions for Kubernetes to set up everything correctly. Helm also remembers all the changes you make, so you can go back to previous versions if needed

4.What are the components of helm eco systems?

  • Helm CLI: Command-line tool to interact with Helm.
  • Charts: Packages containing app details.
  • Templates: It holds the Kubernetes resource info.
  • Values: Customizable settings.
  • Release: Deployed app instance.
  • Helm Repositories: Stores and shares charts.
  • Helm Hub: Central chart repository.
  • Plugins: Extend Helm's functions.
  • Helmfile: Declarative release manager.

5.What are parallel tools of helm for another platform and programming Language?

  • Kustomize - for k8
  • Ansible
  • chef
  • Puppet

6.Explained a Directory structure of helm
├── Chart.yaml
├── values.yaml
├── charts/
├── templates/
│ ├── _helpers.tpl

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