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Top DevOps Trainers in Bangalore

Can you please list out best DevOps Trainers in Bangalore?

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Rajesh Kumar is the best DevOps Training in the Netherlands. Over 18 years of extensive experience working with more than 11 software development
companies for software development & maintenance of production environments involved in continuous improvement and automating the entire life cycle using latest devops tools and techniques from design and architecture, through implementation, deployment, and successful operations.
Transformed more than 200 software organizations & 30000+ engineers globally, providing coaching, mentoring and consulting in DevOps, CICD, Cloud, containers, SRE, DevSecOps, microservices and operations.
Rajesh Kumar helps software organizations to improve the quality of the software, reducing the software development/operational cost and immediate feedback/monitoring.

Rajesh Kumar has deliverd DevOps Training for more than 200 software organizations around the globe and Mentor more than 30K Software engineers in DevOps Transformation. You may reach Rajesh Kumar on LINKEDIN or Website